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What is a Kundalini awakening?


A Kundalini awakening is an energetic experience that reconnects you to your true essence. Kundalini is an Indian word that stands for Life Force (Prana, Chi, Qi). It is the source of life that has always been within you and is your inner home.


Kundalini energy clears (in stages) all that is keeping us from experiencing our essence to the fullest. When energy flows freely throughout all our energy channels (Nadi’s) and chakras, we restore balance and remember our wholeness.


During the experience we interact with a field of intelligent energy. It invites our individual energy systems to awaken from the inside out. It opens the doors for you to step through and go on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. It is a path of surrender, and when we interact with this energy it allows Kundalini to flow like an energetic inner dance.

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