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What are the benefits?


The process of reconnecting to your true essence looks different for each person. During a session some music is played and I will invite you to lie down on a yoga mat and relax. The amazing thing about this process is that if you surrender it is easy and effortless to receive. These are some of the benefits often described: 



Experiences during a session:

Emotions (joy, laughter, anger, sadness), emotional release 

Bodily movements, yoga poses, stretches, shaking, mudras 

Visuals, 3rd eye activation, images, astral journeys 

Deep ritual, clearing, losing sense of time and space  

All sorts of energetic sensations throughout your body 

Deep meditative state, bliss, peace, ecstasy 

Connecting to your soul, inner knowing 

Experiences after a session:

Better focus, mental clarity 

A deeper sense of self love 

More in touch with emotions 

Stronger guidance from within 

A natural state of mindfulness 

More enjoyment in sexual experiences 

Deep insights or realisations 

Making decisions more easily 

Drawn to healthier choices for life and the body 

Drawn to natural foods  

Life flows easier 

Experiences with continued practice:

Release of trauma and blockages without any therapy or words

Hidden talents come to the surface 

Health challenges fall away 

Important life questions are resolved  

Strong knowingness of why you are here

Ability to make life changes with confidence 

Unnecessary stress disappears 

Deeper connection with nature and all forms of life

Starting to live in alignment with your life mission

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued connection. This process all depends on the person and the starting point of the journey.

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