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Feng Shui


Literally it means wind and water. It's an ancient Chinese system, the science behind living in harmony with the elements of nature. 


There are different types of luck; the one you are born with is destiny. The one you create by yourself - this is your individual luck through choices, a job, exercise, food, the way you take care of your mind, emotions and appearance etc. The one that is determined by your surroundings, this is the one you can increase with Feng Shui.

The 6,000 years old practice of Feng Shui, centers on how to construct and arrange a space to maximize energy flow (Qi, or Chi) in an effort to welcome success, wealth and happiness.


You might not be aware of it but when you walk in a space you react to it. The energy of a space influences how you feel. The layout of the interior and exterior of your home and every color, object, material and shape has an impact on your well-being. 


Feng Shui is not about creating a zen type of home. It means creating an environment that has the best energy to support you personally and the specific activity intended for that space. For example, a home office needs an active vibrant energy while a bedroom will need soft sensual energy. 

Taking care of your home is a necessary step for a vibrant healthy life. Through my study I have acquired the knowledge of how the energy of your home affects your life and ways to improve the quality of it.

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