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I believe in freedom of expression.

I believe in respecting nature and all sentient beings. 


I believe in living in gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us. 


I believe in whole hearted presence, regardless of the moment or place.


I believe that we can rise together through love, authenticity, laughter, and support.


About me

My name is Martine. I studied at the design academy and Feng Shui. This is an ancient Chinese system, the science behind living in harmony with the elements of nature. Through this knowledge I have learned to understand more about how your surroundings can increase your well-being. I know about the impact of energy and how important a clean organised space is. I always love how a home looks and I am even more interested in how it makes you feel. My focus is to bring more life into a home and make it more personal.


I was based in Rotterdam and travelled a lot. Those years were definitely never dull. In 2019 I made the heart-based decision to move to the magical island of Ibiza. This place makes me feel at home. It’s very natural for me to feel things deeply. I honour this gift. It fuels my creativity and my ability to empathise gives me connection which brings meaning to everything. I adore art and I like to have the time to daydream. I love the freedom I experience when I spend time in nature, it adds such richness to my life. The connection with nature is very nourishing, grounding and inspiring for me.


Spending years on the island was adventurous and challenging, it wasn’t an easy path at all. I’m grateful for all of those experiences. It taught me to slow down, listen and take responsibility. This time brought me intense transformation and growth and made me realise ever deeper how essential it is to connect, love and trust.


Last year I felt the desire in my heart to be of service in a different way. I started an intensive training that my dear friend and teacher Nadia offers. This was a process of immersion, remembrance and reactivation of the life force that is inside, to become a vessel for others. I’m ready now to share with others what has touched my heart. I go and stay where my heart wants me to be. My mission is to lovingly guide other people to reconnect with their true essence. Back to the joy of being alive, experiencing the pure love that they are and to access the wisdom that is always within.


It’s important to support each other during all the huge social, economic and health shifts on earth. It will organically lead us in a more harmonious existence with each other and the planet. Change is the only thing in life that is certain. With change comes uncertainty. With this uncertainty we must learn to lean into trust. 

With love,

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