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Welcome, my name is Martine. I created Chosen Today® with the intention to increase the well-being of people and to take care of homes. I’m passionate about lovingly guiding people to reconnect with their true essence through Kundalini energy. Furthermore, I apply my Feng Shui knowledge to advise people and bring harmony to their homes.

Kundalini awakening


Have you ever wondered if there was more to life? Or had a feeling that there must be more to you and have a desire to reconnect with that? Or do you simply want to feel better on all levels and be more balanced? When life force energy flows freely without any interruptions we feel great and thrive. The journey of exploring this is transformational. All you have to do is to relax and have an open mind. It is about feeling and trusting in the unknown.

Are you ready to surrender to this process? It would be an honour to work with you.  

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Feng Shui

What exactly is Feng Shui? Literally it means wind and water. It's an ancient Chinese system, the science behind living in harmony with the elements of nature.

Home for sale? I can assist you.

It can seem that there is nothing wrong with the home, yet it has been on sale already for a long time. I can reveal the cause of this. I can also assist you when you start selling your home and like to have a smooth and secure process.

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